Karen O - The Moon Song (ft. Ezra Koenig)
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the moon song || karen o ft. ezra koenig

I’m lying on the moon
my dear, I’ll be there soon
it’s a quiet starry place
times we’re swallowed up in space
we’re here a million miles away



imagine being in ravenclaw and going back to your common room  stumbling drunk in the middle of the night after a magical night of partying and having to answer a fucking riddle in order to get in your own goddamn bedroom

"what gets wetter and wetter the more it dries"
"your mom eeyyyyyyy"

shit how is it eleven already

i have to take a shower and start my homework what


lsiten if u didnt like 5sos summer 2013 u fuckin msised out on the goddamn glory days they were wild and they were free and nobody knew what was happening but shit went down 24/7 and it was beautiful [heartbreak girl begins playing]


omg watching one of the boys’ covers on youtube and the top comment



this is an im5 x-rated blog. if you know what i mean ;)


maybe now they’ll tell us what the fuck ICTMSBICFYB means

so my friend just got a new puppy and said ‘i would name him dalton, but i don’t want him to leave me’

a little bit obsessed with this stupid fucking boyband.